Q: Is cold weather a cause of earache?

A: No. If you have an earache, cold temperatures and wind might make your ear feel worse – but it is not the reason you got an earache in the first place.

Q: Can I get an ear infection from someone else?

A: No, ear infections cannot be spread from one person to another. But the common cold, one cause of an ear infection, can of course be contagious.

Q: What is Auralgan® used for?

A: Auralgan® is used for the relief of ear ache pain and inflammation.

Q: How does Auralgan® work?

A: Auralgan® is an analgesic/anaesthetic combination of medications used to treat the symptoms of pain and inflammation.

Q: What are the ingredients of Auralgan® and what do they do?

A: Auralgan® contains 2 main medications: benzocaine is a topical (external) anaesthetic that helps to numb the pain of an earache, while antipyrine is an analgesic that helps to decrease pain and inflammation.

Q: Where can I buy Auralgan®?

A: You can buy Auralgan® in most major pharmacies and drug-stores in Canada. Please ask your pharmacist or store manager if you can’t find Auralgan® on the shelf.

Q: What should I do in the case of an accidental overdose?

A: Call 911, your local poison control centre or the emergency room of any hospital immediately.

Q: Who can I contact for more information?

A: For further inquiries please call: 1-888-867-7426.